I’m never sure what to make of it when musicians list their influences – I mean, everything you’ve ever listened to is an influence, positively or negatively, towards something or away from something. And those who do list everything… well, it comes across as a bit of a dick measuring contest, doesn’t it – look at the size of my musical wang! I have a considerably broader taste in music than YOU!

So rather than itemise the music folder on my hard drive, these are the artists (in no particular order) I think are a conscious influence on the music I’m making: those I’ve tried to emulate, those from whom I’ve stolen!

David Bowie • The Beta Band • The Knife • Hot Chip • Chris Morris • Justice •

The Velvet Underground • Klaxons • Pink Floyd • Beck • The Cure • Dusted •

GoldFrapp • Julian Cope & The Teardrop Explodes • Radiohead • Joy Division •

Brian Eno • David Byrne • Steve Mason • Boards of Canada • LCD Soundsystem •

Kraftwerk • The Gregory Brothers • Depeche Mode • John Carpenter • Gary Numan •

Jimmy Somerville & Bronski Beat • Bob Dylan • KLF • Donovan • New Order • Air •

Tangerine Dream • Daft Punk • Underworld • MGMT • Flight of the Conchords •

Elton John • Giorgio Moroder • The Brian Jonestown Massacre • Ennio Morricone •

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention • Spiritualized • Groove Armada •

And above all else, The Beatles:

George, Paul, John, Ringo

The Universal, the font from which all popular music doth flow…. (I really love The Beatles!)

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