Ohhhh, yeahhhhh

Ohhhh, yeahhhhh

So I’m putting the finishing touches to the current song, but I’ve already got one eye (or should that be ear?) on the next one. I’d already decided to get the MASCHINE expansion ‘Drop Squad’ to put a bit more beef in my bass… so you can imagine my delight when I got an email from those lovely types at Native Instruments offering NINE MASCHINE expansions (Drop Squad and also True School, Conant Gardens, Dark Pressure, Raw Voltage, Transistor Punch, Platinum Bounce, Vintage Heat, Electric Vice – er like in the picture) for $/€99 – £84 in the Queen’s money.

That’s a sweet deal, so sweet that they’re only running it till Friday – and in true leave it till the last minute douche style, I’m only just downloading them now.

Gotta resist the temptation to noodle! MUST… FINISH… SONG….


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