Headphones FAIL!

ha ha ha FAIL!

ha ha ha FAIL!

So I had to put down the song AGAIN, this time because of a ‘perfect storm’ of personal issues: breakdown, bereavement, break-up. A triple-whammy. Somehow I’ve kept my sense of humour, but there hasn’t been much time/headspace for music – making it anyway. Got fresh impetus to finish the current project – aside from the risk I’ll go insane if I don’t – as I’m moving house in the middle of the month, so I want to get it done before I pack away my studio.

Anyway, last night sat down at the laptop, feeling a bit of trepidation as it’d been so long, put on the ‘phones, fired up the song… and everything sounded WRONG!

I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it all sounded odd, topsy-turvy. At first I thought it was because I hadn’t listened to it for a while but no, it didn’t sound “right”. It was like getting someone else’s identical jacket back from the cleaners: it fit, but it wasn’t right. I checked every track, the FX, checked I hadn’t left some wacky filter on I’d forgotten about. Nothing.

After about half an hour of this I took off my headphones (probably to hold my head in my hands)… whereupon I realised I’d been wearing them the WRONG WAY ROUND. The right ear on my left, and the left on my right. You know that heady feeling of exasperation mixed with relief? After calling myself some VERY rude words, I put them on the right way and listened again. There it was: just where I’d left it. Phew!

And now to finish it off, FINALLY



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