New Category – Sounds

It's a mighty big cloud

It’s a mighty big cloud

SoundCloud is an awe-inspiring place – there is so much goddamn sound out there. It’s intimidating too; how are you meant to be heard amongst it all? There are probably lots of good tips out there for raising your SoundCloud profile – I’ll have to look into that sometime – but I should hope that at the very least it’s a good idea to get out there and listen to what other people are up to.

In fact, it’s no less than common courtesy, seeing as this what you’d want others to do with your work. And there’s some damn fine stuff out there, inspirational really – not to mention that SoundClouders are usually more than willing to talk about their work and the practicalities of recording.

I’ve been determined to get on there more (another of my stupid-ass New Year’s Resolutions), and with the excellent SoundCloud phone app, there really is no excuse.

And to further up my game, I’ve created a brand new category on this here blog: Sounds. If I find something I really like, I’ll post it here, along with some words. I’ll be focusing on the unsigned, the amateur, the forgotten and the unheralded.

I’ll be posting my first selection very soon.

In other news, my next song is imminent!


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