KORG MS-20 Mini – Happy Valentine’s, I’m in LOVE

100% Analog, real patch cables, drool...

100% analog, real patch cables, drool…

This little jawdropper pinged on my radar courtesy of an email from Dawsons. I like to think I’m considered when it comes to buying stuff, don’t buy things on the spur or for the sake of it, but when I saw this I thought – I’ve got to have it.

KORG have miniaturised their classic MS-20 analog synth from 1978 (well it’s 86% of the original size) and according to the blurb on their website, apart from that (which is a good thing) it’s identical in every way to the original synth, except with the necessary accoutrements for the digital age – namely MIDI and USB ports.

I want it for a number of reasons:

1) It looks incredibly cool.

2) It looks incredibly fun.

3) It sounds incredibly awesome.

4) I’ve been wanting some ‘genuine’ analog for my studio for a while now (I’ve almost bought the Monotron and Monotribe on several occasions).

5) This whole synth malarkey began with the MS-10 emulator on my Nintendo DS (the KORG DS-10); it would be wonderful to actually have the “real thing”.

6) Patch cables, patch cables, patch cables!

Drawbacks are:

a) It’s not out till April/May

b) It’s £500

c) Do I really need one?

a) gives me a chance to save for b) (and besides which, I’ve resolved not to buy any more equipment till June), but I don’t know about c). Want vs Need, Want vs Need… £500 would probably be wiser to spend on a new computer, as I’m pushing the CPU limits on mine already. And a new version of the Kaoss Pad (the KP3+) is coming out this year too. And is a genuine analog synth something I need to make music, is it something I’m concious is missing from my studio (which is why I got the Maschine Mikro, I needed a drum sequencer)?

All good points. The problem is, Want is always more fun than Need! If you want a drink, that’s fun. If you need a drink… that’s not fun. You want ice cream, but you need to eat your greens. “I want you” is sexier than “I need you”. And so on.

I gotta have it! Time to start saving the pennies – or (as is more likely) clearing some space on the plastic. Though by then, my head may have been turned by something else. If not, I predict a Summer of Serious Sound Synthesis :-)

This vid is cool as well, esp at 0:43


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