microKORG in the Wild

a microKORG (not mine) doing its thing

a microKORG (not mine) doing its thing

I went to my future brother-in-laws 40th birthday at the weekend – and look what I saw as part of the DJ’s set-up.

I don’t know why it pleases me so much when I see microKORG’s being used at gigs (like the two I saw at Bat For Lashes last year); I suppose in some way it makes me feel more legitimate, and it’s like a pat on the back for having chosen one. I also really like, nay love, my microKORG; it’s easily my favourite piece of equipment in my so-called studio, the one I just like to turn on and noodle around with (when I should really be recording). It gives me pleasure to see one.

I was curious, and never plucked up the courage to ask, how a microKORG can be used by a DJ? He wasn’t using vinyl decks, so presumably everything can be synced up together via a MIDI clock. Then I suppose you could mix in arpeggiation from the mK. Very cool. Or use it as an effects trigger. Or get the vocoder out and start MCing like an alien bad bwoy…

Wish I could have stuck around to see it in use. That’s what you get for living in the sticks. Meh.


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