Broken Resolutions #1

In the intrests of taste the wound itself will be undisclosed

In the intrests of taste the wound itself will be undisclosed

At the start of the year I wrote a post with a number of “musical resolutions” for 2013, one of which was to write a post a week, whoops, not hitting that target – unless I write another this week to bring up the numbers….

I digress: another of the resolutions, the golden resolution if you will, was to increase productivity, and try to write and record a song, end to end, every two months. The first order of business was to finish the current project by the end of January.

Whether or not I was going to hit this target has now become moot; at the weekend life well and truly got in the way. That’s my right hand in the picture – I’m right-handed – and under the sticking plaster is a gash I somehow managed to obtain taking out the garbage. My hand got trashed. Luckily no stitches needed, but what’s also not needed is any piano playing while it heals. So I can’t finish the final part of my new song before the end of Jan. Boo.

Could be worse: the cut could be worse, no veins, tendons or arteries were severed, no time needed to be spent in hospital waiting rooms; no gigs were cancelled, no insurance companies needed to be contacted. And it’s not like I can’t use the time working on something else that doesn’t require an instrument to be played. Still. Annoying.



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