David is Back!

where are we now?

where are we now? Happy, now you’re back David

David Bowie is back! I, and many many other people around the world I’m sure, was delighted to open my online-newspaper this morning to discover that David Bowie, on the day of his 66th birthday, has released a single – his first since 2003. And there is an album coming out in the spring!

I honestly didn’t know if we were going to hear from the great man again, especially after all those rumours that his was in poor health/heart problems. And if those rumours are even partially true, don’t think you have to tour or anything David, take it easy! I’m over the moon you are releasing new music again.

The single is called Where Are We Now, and is available now. The only reason I haven’t downloaded it already from iTunes is that I’m not anywhere with a decent enough wireless connection right now. In the meantime I’ve been watching the vid – which I can’t say I care for; I suppose there’s something disarmingly lo-fi about it, and it suits the tone of the song, but the heads superimposed over the dolls ain’t really doing it for me! David’s getting an increasingly noble bearing as he’s getting on, he wears it well.

I really like the song itself; if I had to summarize it in one word I’d say “reflective”. With so many references to Berlin, you have to wonder if this song was a cast off from his ‘Berlin Period’; if so it’s a song that’s waited for its time, as it’s hard to imagine a song more apposite for an artist, like it or not, approaching the end of his career.

But for now, at least, that career flickers anew. Rejoice!


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