Behringer UCA202

Note the picture hooks! (Ignore the “groovy” wallpaper)

I thought I should make a honourable mention of this little guy, as I’m going to be upgrading to a higher spec audio interface, and this is what I’ve been using to record up to this point.

I got this A/I to replace my laptop’s onboard soundcard/vistasound drivers, which sounded dreadful and had totally unacceptable levels of latency. I was on a very tight budget to get my studio set up and at £22, this was the cheapest device I could find that supported ASIO, which is the minimum requirement for digital recording, really. It’s served me really well though; here are the plus points:

  • Price.
  • Quality. A quantum leap forward compared to the onboard laptop soundcard.
  • Ease of use. Plug and play, worked right away.
  • Compatibility. Have had zero issues with any music creation software.
  • Size. Space is a consideration in my studio, this doesn’t take up any (I actually have it secured to the wall with a couple of picture hooks)

So if it’s so good, why upgrade. The downers:

  • 16 Bit Depth. 24 is the standard these days.
  • Latency. Still getting latency, not a showstopping amount, but enough to require slight adjustment of the waveform when printing MIDI, for example.
  • No MIDI in/out
  • No dedicated Mic/line input.
  • Weak monitoring.

All of the points above are what you’d expect from an A/I in the £100 – £150 price range, not the under £25 price range. Reading other reviews, the best use for it is as a connection between a laptop and a hi-fi rig, or to convert analogue to digital. Doesn’t quite fit the bill for home digital recording, but was a good makeweight until I could afford a quadruple (at least) cost replacement.

So long, and thank-you for the music!


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