Joining up the dots

Makin a bad ting good!

Excited today, because I think I’ve turned a corner in my understanding of how digital music creation works. I can’t say what corner exactly, just some kind of subconscious ‘click’ loud enough for my conscious mind to hear.

It happened when I was printing to audio a MIDI track for the project I’m currently working on. I was watching the transport ‘read’ the MIDI and print the audio, whilst monitoring, everything perfectly in time with everything else. I was psyched (holy shit, did I just say ‘psyched’?!) that it was all working the way it was supposed to, and more importantly, sounding just how I wanted it to, and that’s when it happened, a kind of “I actually know what I’m doing and am not half-guessing/working around/compromising the idea” moment. I created the sound I wanted, played it how I wanted, adjusted it how I wanted, printed it when I was satisfied, played back the audio and I was happy with the result.

I suppose this is one of the first times I’ve had the pleasure of conceptualizing something, thinking about it, working out how to do it, doing it, and getting the result I want without feeling like I’m winging it, or  banging my head against my own limitations. I’m guessing this feeling doesn’t happen too often (if creating music is anything like writing it won’t!) so I’m going to try to hold on to it, if I can.

Really psyched (ha ha) about the new song too.


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