Maschine Mikro

Like a 70s disco dancefloor for mice: the Maschine Mikro

I impulse-bought this little fella last week. (Well I say impulse-bought: I saw it in Dawsons, had a go on it, then went home and read some reviews and looked up the specs, went back the next day, had another go on it, tried to buy it but they only had the display model left – and I wasn’t about to buy a drum machine that’s not boxfresh and virginal! – so I went and bought it somewhere else. Hold more stock Dawsons!). Anyway, I’d been looking for a drum ‘solution’ of some kind: the DS as a drum sequencer doesn’t really cut it (too wimpy) and while the iPhone has got some excellent  apps, I wanted some kind of velocity sensitive interface.

The next version of the Native Instruments’ Maschine is out next month, so they are flogging these for £159, which I think is fantastic value for a hardware/software controller of this  quality, not to mention the 10Gb of samples that come with. So I snapped it up. Only problem is I have no idea how to use it! Time to RTFM (again).

I’ll post a proper “review” once I’ve actually used it on a project; I’m hoping the Maschine Mikro and the microKORG will be the cornerstones of my equipment. In any case, the Maschine Mikro fits in with the aesthetic of miniature music-making gadgetry that characterises my studio.


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