Yamaha NP-11 Piagerro

The largest piece of kit in my studio – and it only weighs 5kg

I’m not gonna lie. I bought this digital piano for one reason and one reason only: it was the cheapest one I could find.

It cost a £175, and frankly I was astounded you could buy a digital piano for so little. I assumed there must be something iffy about it, but after trying it in the flesh, so to speak, I was really impressed. The build quality is robust: it didn’t look, feel, and most importantly, sound cheap.

I’m not a piano player really. My skills are very limited indeed. My criteria were pretty basic:

  1.  Touch sensitive keyboard. Without touch-sensitivity, performances sound robotic and lifeless.
  2. MIDI in/outputs, ie so it can be used as a MIDI controller.

And that’s it. Weighted keys would have been nice, but that doubles the cost. The on-board sounds are few (10 voices), but the quality of each is good, much better than you’d find on a keyboard of equivalent price. Besides which, I’d mainly be using it to trigger MIDI samples anyway. It has 61 as opposed to 78 keys, but that makes little difference to me (and you can transpose the pitch).

The built-in amplification is very weak – it would get lost if played in conjunction with other instruments – but it’s a simple enough matter to hook it up to a beefier amplifier. And, again, I primarily use it as a MIDI controller anyway, so volume is neither here nor there.

There are a few other features (metronome, reverb) and it has a jack for a sustain pedal (which I may or may not get one day), but really this digi piano is all about delivering a no-frills, good quality piano experience at a very low price.


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